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KSW8000 Stereo Microscope with Zoom

KSW8000 Stereo Microscope with Zoom
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KSW8000 Stereo Microscope with Zoom

Specialist gemstone stereo tilting microscope with zoom

The KSW8000 microscope is a scientific precision instrument, which has been developed for professional gemmological use. It is a special microscope to be used for diamond and gem analysis. Built to high optical and mechanical standards to withstand many years of daily laboratory use.

The advanced illumination system, using combination of transmitted, incident and dark field LED illumination, allows a thorough and complete analysis of the surface of the object. The microscope body and head can be rotated 360° and the stand can be inclined 90° to switch between vertical and horizontal position which gives a large flexibility observation.


Technical Data:

45° inclined optical head with diopter compensation and adjustable interocular distance 51 - 75 mm
Field-Ø: 32.8 - 5.1mm

Optical equipment
Zoom lense from 0.7x to 4.5x for zoom magnification from 7x to 45x
continuously adjustable

10x plano eyepieces with diopter compensation

Transmitted, incident and dark field LED illumination

Metal stand with working distance 95mm

Stone holder, iris aperture diaphragm, gemmology clips translating cell holder, quartz immersion cells, optical unit to switch the dark field from a „sharp“ (gem exhibition) to a „soft“ (diamond analysis) mode

Additional KSW8050 accessories:
Gemmology kit: Stone holder, cuvette table, polarization device for inspections in horizontal position

Additional accessories available:
vacuum pick-up


Hint: Order an extra 20x pair of eyepieces and benefit from the double magnification: Pair of Eyepieces MSZ5420-N.







KSW8000 Stereo Microscope with Zoom

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