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Gemstone Refractometer ER604-LED

Gemstone Refractometer ER604-LED
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Gemstone Refractometer ER604-LED

Professional gemstone refractometer with LED

- Resolution: 0.01 nD
- Measurement range: 1.33 – 1.81 nD
- LED 589 nm illumination
- Na-filter 589 nm
- lightweight  (0.4kg)
- automatic multi-voltage power supply (100 – 240 V)
- Aluminium housing

This small and light refractometer is ideal for travel, offering you the performance you need in a convenient size. Its bright monochromatic LED works on voltages between 100 to 240 Volts with automatic voltage switching. The eyepiece has a focusing tube, and a polarizing filter comes with the unit.

Gemstone refractometers are used for the classification and quality control of gemstones. The gemstone to be examined is simply placed on the prism with a drop of contact fluid. The refractive index of the gemstone is read through the ocular of the refractometer. The refractive index is an important parameter in classifying a mineral or gemstone. Each mineral has its typical refractive index, due to its chemical composition and crystalline structure. Our gemstone refractometers are characterised by their particularly sharp image and good readability.

With the sodium filter that only lets through light with a wavelength of 589 nm, the refractometer can be used as a mobile unit with an ordinary light source or with sufficient ambient lighting. LED illumination with a wavelength of 589 nm.

Gemstone Refractometer ER604-LED

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